Kinetic Horizontal Hinged Façade Shading System

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Kinetic Facade, Horizontal Hinged Façade Shading

Horizontal hinged shading systems are made up of single sashes that are hinged on a slim frame mounted on the building structure. Each sash can be operated independently, and it is provided with a manual or electric locking system. The sashes can be arranged one per opening or as a facing pair. The movement is in the horizontal axis manually or electrically. The max sash width is limited to 1.2 meters and its height can go up to 5 meters. In its standard installation configuration, it is mounted within the building frame. Optionally it can also be fixed on the outside thus creating seamless integration with the building cladding.

In its typical configurations the system can accommodate cladding options like natural wood, GRP, Glass, Fiber Cement, Ceramic, Perforated Metal Sheets, Aluminum blades and ACP.

The system can be installed directly on the building opening without the need for any special provisions. The only necessary consideration is the wiring arrangement.

In total the system requires a depth of 150mm to accommodate the motors. In the case of manual operation only 60mm of depth is required.

This electric Hinged shading system can be centrally controlled by the Building Management System or individually via a wall mounted switch / remote control in single or group mode.

Technical characteristics
Max Sash Width 1200mm
Max Sash height 5000mm
Max Sash Weight 200 Kg
Installation Depth 150mm
Parking Space 120 mm
Cladding Finishes Natural wood, GRP, Glass, Fiber Cement, Ceramic, Perforated Metal Sheets, Aluminium blades and ACP
Cladding Space 4 - 10mm
Sash profile width 60mm
Sash Profile Height 28mm
Frame Profile Width 60mm
Frame Profile Height 44mm
Electric Motion Available
Electric Locking Available
Motor Voltage 24 VDC
Motor Current 1 A
Manual Movement Available
Manual Locking System Available
Blackout Available
Flyscreen Available
Sealing Gaskets, Nylon Brush