Company History

Kinetic Facades roots go back as far as 1968. Through our long history, we have acquired value added expertise in the development of cutting-edge architectural façade systems and have completed numerous landmark projects around the world. Most of our products have received various design awards and have enabled many of our completed projects to win architectural competitions.

Kinetic Facades extensive knowledge has made it possible to transition into a design studio specializing in the development of value-added facades systems for the building industry. Its designs follow the latest architectural trends in aesthetics, function, large openings, extreme weather performance and energy conservation. It’s out of the box solutions are an invaluable tool to forward looking architects seeking to take design to new uncharted areas.

Having an all-round knowledge in all the various fields of façade design & implementation, we now provide unique product design services to elite customers. Our typical customers are forward-looking companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage through innovation and unique product offering. Our product design services have helped many companies to reinforce their brand and expand to new markets.

The design studio services provide end-to-end solutions to large fabrication companies and System houses looking to strengthen their R&D departments. A whole spectrum of services is available ranging from initial concept design, detail engineering design, material sourcing, hardware design and manufacturing, product certification, software development, streamlining CNC manufacturing process as well as the creation of promotional material.


Kinetic Façades area of expertise is in the design of high value systems for Sliding, Folding, Casement, Pivot, Pivot Slide, Spider Glass, Façade Shading, Exterior living, Interior components, cladding and building envelops. Our design language follows the latest trends in minimal design, oversize units and extreme performance.

Out of the box designs require the development of specialized hardware to support the various functions, movements and loads. When developing such a system, Kinetic facades generates drawings for all the necessary components in addition to the profiles. Its in-house manufacturing infrastructure undertakes the task of producing the components to the required quality standard.

Value added systems usually cater for a variety of building scenarios and project requirements. To support these solutions extensive libraries of cad configurations are required. Kinetic facades provide a full set of standard cad configurations as well as custom cad configurations to cater to the needs of any project.

State of the art systems are usually very complicated and require high accuracy in the estimation and production. Carrying out these tasks manually can be a very tedious task prone to many expensive errors. Kinetic facades provide fully functional software for accurate and detailed project estimation and material takeoff. In addition, the software can seamless connect to CNC machines thus enabling a fully digital manufacturing process.

High quality products require extensive and flexible manufacturing infrastructure. This is provided by CNC machines connected directly to the estimation software. Kinetic facades provide the necessary support for the design and implementation of a fully automatic manufacturing line to ensure fast and accurate production of complicated facades.

Compliance with the strict requirements of high value projects requires extensive product certification. Kinetic Facades in-house laboratory can provide internationally recognized product certifications in thermal performance, wind load, water penetration, air permeability and corrosion resistance. The certifications are being offered in collaboration with the German laboratory IFT Rosenheim.

Marketing a product is as important as creating it in the first place. Generating substantial market awareness around a product as well as building a strong brand requires a variety of marketing material and media. Kinetic façades have the required infrastructure and knowledge to generate high quality videos, brochures, static images as well as product presentation tools to enable fast and efficient product market penetration.

To generate quality leads for your new product, well planned and executed marketing campaigns are required. Kinetic Facades can be employed to carry out all the activities for an effective campaign. We can create a modern, mobile friendly, easy to use mini website to present the product brochure, lifestyle videos/images and features. Via the use of your existing social media or by creating new ones, we can set up targeted campaigns reaching the specific target audience. We can create product awareness, generate traffic to website and create leads for your sales team to follow up.