We offer a comprehensive range of Minimal Sliding systems for every market and type of building. The range starts from Minimal Slide cold systems accommodating 8mm of single glass and spans all the way to Minimal Slide thermal systems accommodating triple glass 46mm. All common floor typologies such as Submerged, Semi-submerged, Hovering, T slot and infinity floor finish are available as standard. On the ceiling there are three available typologies, namely Semi submerged, T slot and infinity Ceiling. The maximum sash size can span up to 6 meters in height and 4 meters in width. The weight capability can reach 1200Kg per sash. Depending on the wind load, suitable reinforcement profiles are available to withstand the deflection load.

All minimal systems feature slim sliding profiles that are a largely hidden inside the frames. The central mullion ranges from 16mm to 24mm with and without glazing bits.

Lift & Slide Minimal sliding systems are also available with a lifting capability of 600Kg per sash. Electric minimal sliding is also available to cater for horizontal movement. In addition, we can also provide solutions for electric locking and electric lifting for Lift & Slide Minimal systems.