Our Minimal Pivot Slide Systems share the same profile platform as out minimal Bi-fold systems. The main difference is mainly in the hardware set. The main advantage of Pivot Sliding over the Bi-fold is the ease of operation and the sash width. Minimal Pivot slide systems can easily reach a sash width of 2 meters.

The position of the pivot usually ranges from 1/3 to 1/2 of the sash width. Slim Pivot slide systems typically reach a height of 4 meter that can be extended to 5 meters with suitable reinforcement.

Electrical Minimal Pivot Slide systems are available with clusters up to 6 sashes. A set of two facing cluster can reach a total width of 24meters.

Minimal Pivot slide doors are available with tracks as low as 43mm in step and fully submerged configurations. Infinity floor and infinity ceiling options are also available.

Our Minimal Pivot Slide systems are among the slimmest in the world with a sash profile as low as 26mm (66mm Combined mullion).