We offer a comprehensive range of Minimal / Slim Folding doors suitable for residential and commercial projects. The range starts from Minimal Bi-fold Cold systems accommodating 8mm of single glass and spans all the way to Minimal Bi-fold thermal systems accommodating triple glass 50mm. In most of the systems the doors are rolling simultaneously on the top and bottom. However, the primary rolling side is in the bottom. Alternatively, there also the option to roll only on the top. Kinetic Facades minimal bi-fold are the slimmest in the world with a sash profile as low as 26mm (66mm Combined mullion). Slim fold slide sashes can span up to 5 meters in height and 1.5 meters in width.

Slim bi-folding doors are available with tracks as low as 43mm in step and fully submerged configurations. Infinity floor and infinity ceiling options are also available.